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Routines and traditions are an important part in healthy families and communities. They give security and sense of continuity and routine that people can depend on year after year. Traditions help to build healthy relationships between individuals and families. With traditions, people make and share memories thus creating a feeling of belonging. At ILOF, we acknowledge the importance of celebrating old traditions and creating new ones.

Sunday Dinner

Over many generations, Sunday Dinner has been a common tradition and is considered the most important meal of the week. In ILOF, different member families come together to share a meal. This involves great conversation while enjoying a warm, home-cooked meal. This is our most valued and important tradition.

Annual Fundraiser

Every year, the International League of Families holds an annual fundraiser to support the growth and development of our organization.

Spiritual Tour

At ILOF, we value worship and religion. This is important to us because it keeps us connected and engaged in a spiritual manner. The spiritual tour entails visiting each other’s places of worship to be able to understand the different religious beliefs of the members.

Annual Family Trips

We organize family trips to various destinations. These trips are full of fun activities that help strengthen our bonds and form new ties within our family networks.

Annual Retreat

ILOF holds an annual retreat for 1-3 days. This retreat is for all member families. We organize trainings, competitive games , and meals all geared towards promoting healthy interaction and growing self-sustaining businesses.

Book reading

We have suggested readings and encourage all our members to read at least two books every year. These books have various life applicable lessons designed to enlighten and evolve each member as a lifelong learner.

Gift exchange

Holidays are perfect times to exchange gifts between families and individuals. Members of ILOF are not left behind.

Health screening

All member families are encouraged to take part in health screening as a preventive measure to promote health and wellness.

Other traditions we have include:

  • Meditation
  • Financial Strategy Sessions
  • Fasting