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What is ILOF?

International League of Families (ILOF) was founded by our first president Derrick Chase with the support of 8 families who wanted to add structure and tradition to their existing relationships,  and have a measurable effect on shaping and creating networks of productive friendship circles into strong communities. Our mission is to organize progressive networks of families that build self-sustaining businesses through cooperative economics and transform communities nationally and internationally.

We incorporated our relationships into an entity that has bylaws, processes to manage disputes,  shared principles for guidance, and membership requirements.

Bylaws are the laws that govern our community. They were carefully drafted and function as foundation to our operation manual.  We refer to these bylaws to guide our actions and help resolve any disputes that may arise.  Our shared principles, among many others, are important to our organization since they promote order and help achieve our mission.  New members must go through a formal process to join ILOF with members currently active in finances, social activism, real estate, healthcare, natural hair care, event promotion, film, and other professional industries.

In general, ILOF helps strengthen one another’s marriages, financial status as well as physical health through interaction, traditions and strategies we have put in place.

Our ultimate goal is to replicate this concept locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. We choose to start with the family because it is the root of society.