ILOF  members engage in intensive discussions, workshops, and activities on a routine basis. This helps to create a culture of lifelong learning and successful entrepreneurship.  Some of the workshops include:

Marriage workshops

Married couples are trained on their roles and responsibilities, forgiveness, effective communication, managing marriage and handling conflicts.

Parenting workshops

These workshops help member parents learn importance of parental involvement, how to communicate with their children as well as child development. They are also given academic motivation.

Teen workshops

At ILOF, teenagers are considered important because they are the future of our organization. This is why we train them on leadership skills, college preparation and relationships .we also share with them success stories and testimonies to give them motivation.


Health and fitness workshops

One of our goals is to strengthen physical health. By holding health and fitness workshops, our members are able to learn the importance of eating healthy foods, having healthy work out routines and finding time to exercise.


Finance workshops

These workshops teach our members about saving, investment and budgeting. All these are important towards achieving our financial strengthening goal.

Individual speciality workshops